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About domesticviolencesurvivor

I am a survivor. In every sense of the word. I did not come from an abusive home. I did not have a horrible childhood. I did however, grow up sheltered by my family in small town America. They believed this would protect me and make me a better person. I thank them for that. Without thier support, I'm sure I wouldn't still be here but I was in no way prepared for the rest of the world. I grew up with a tremendous amount of trust and loyalty. This is something it took time to overcome. Not everyone is deserving of trust and loyalty. My intent with this blog is to share with other survivors, my story and maybe give some of what I have learned in my experiences to others. We need to help eachother and know we are not alone. I am not an expert or a therapist. I am a survivor.

Family history and affects

It took this last act of pure evil violence to make me really look at my life and discover patterns and choices. I take no blame for what has happened to me, but I never learned the tools to protect … Continue reading

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